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The New iPhone X Is Breathtaking, and Yes, It Costs $999

The New iPhone X Is Breathtaking, and Yes, It Costs $999
Image Source: Apple

Finally! After months of speculation and rumors, Apple's 10th anniversary iPhone is coming — and it's called the iPhone X. The company announced the revolutionary iPhone at an event on Sept. 12. Check out some of the details ahead (including its eyebrow-raising price):

  1. A redesigned display: The new iPhone display is 5.8 inches and is an organic light emitting diode (OLED), bezel-free screen.
  2. No more home button: The iPhone X will do away with the home button and Touch ID and instead introduce Face ID, a new facial recognition technology.
  3. Face ID promises to be secure: Apple also ensures Face ID will learn your face and "adapt" to any change such as different hairstyles, lighting, and wardrobe.
  4. A new way to charge: Say goodbye to your fraying iPhone charging cords; the new iPhone will come with wireless charging. You can use existing Qi charging devices or wait till 2018, when Apple comes out with AirPower, its own charging pad.
  5. A more delicate casing: Instead of aluminum, the iPhone X's back and front is made out of glass.
  6. Rose gold is out: The iPhone X will come in space gray and silver.
  7. Portrait mode everywhere: Both the front-facing and rear-facing cameras will come with Portrait Mode, along with the new Portrait Lighting feature.
  8. A hefty price: The iPhone X will retail at $999 for a 64GB model and start at $1,149 for a 256GB model.

The iPhone X will ship with iOS 11, which includes the new animated emoji feature Animoji. Presale starts on Oct. 27 and is expected to ship out on Nov. 3. Ahead, see more photos of the new iPhone — and decide for yourself if the price tag is worth the hype.

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