Nothing Stands Between This Guy and Working Out — Not Even an Election

"Friends don't let friends skip leg day" is a pretty common joke in the fitness community, and this Iowa man must have some pretty great friends. Caught on Twitter by journalist Jon Ward fitting in a workout while Ted Cruz gave a speech on Iowa caucus day, the apparently oblivious fitness buff has been lauded on social media for his dedication.

Perhaps he was able to listen to Cruz while rowing on the indoor ergometer, or maybe he didn't give a crap and just wanted to use that machine . . . even if it was located directly above the auditorium where a major political event was happening. Either way, it makes for a hilarious video! While there is some speculation about the mystery rower's identity floating around on Twitter, it doesn't really matter; his message is the same. Check out some of the cheeky responses below, then think of this man every time you consider skipping a workout.