Michael Moore Just Gave the Electoral College an Offer They Shouldn't Refuse

Despite predicting Donald Trump's unexpected victory, Michael Moore has been vehemently critical of the president-elect. He not only compared the president-elect to George W. Bush in a recent forewarning Facebook post, but the documentary filmmaker also shared his hope that the electoral college will deny Trump the presidency when electors gather to vote on Dec. 19. Now, Moore is making one final appeal to the electors.

In a Facebook post shared on Sunday, Moore asked the electors to cast their votes for anyone but Trump. Although he expressed his belief that their votes should go to the candidate who won the popular vote, i.e. Hillary Clinton, his main focus was on the rejection of Trump. "I think you know something is wrong with this man. He just doesn't seem 'right.' One crazy comment or action after another. He may not be well.," he wrote. "Don't you have a responsibility to protect us from someone who might be mentally unstable?"

Adding to his plea, Moore gave the electors four points to consider. He included his serious concerns about Russia's interference in the election, as well as his belief that Trump won't even make it through a full term without being impeached.

To really make his case, however, Moore offered to personally pay the fines that some electors may receive by switching their votes, given that some some states have $1,000 fines for so-called "faithless electors" who plan on changing their votes. Moore legally can and will pay those fines if need be.

Read his urgent proposal below.