Michael Moore Predicts Electoral College Will Deny Trump the Presidency, Gives Hope For Humanity

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In August, Michael Moore predicted that Donald Trump would win the presidential election in a controversial Facebook post that many wrote off (but has since gone viral for being prescient). Now, he's back with another prediction that many will take pleasure in.

In a recent interview on Late Night With Seth Meyers, the documentary filmmaker spoke about his belief that something could prevent Trump from assuming the presidency. For example, right now two Democratic electoral college members are trying to sway Republican members to change their votes in what is being referred to as a "hail Mary" move.

Recalling what led to his initial prediction about the election's outcome, Moore said, "I've never wanted to be more wrong . . . It didn't seem possible. [Hillary Clinton] was ahead in the polls, she was winning the debates, it was a great convention, and he's crazy." He joked that since making the prediction, people have been consulting with him on their lotto numbers.

Moore also spoke about the oftentimes frustrating divide between the popular vote and the electoral college, referencing the 2000 election as well. In his sharp takedown of the electoral college, Moore said, "The irony of a man who said so many things that were racist during the campaign, that he would benefit from a law from the 1700s to placate the slave states, the irony of it is just unbearable."

Moore did, however, point out that there is still time. And he's right: on Dec. 19, the electoral college's 538 members will meet to formally vote. If 37 electors change their votes, then Trump can possibly be denied the presidency. Moore hinted at this when he said, "He's not president of the United States yet. He's not president until noon on Jan. 20th of 2017. That's more than six weeks away," he said. "Would you not agree — regardless of what side of the political fence you're on — this has been the craziest election year? Nothing anyone predicted has happened. The opposite has happened. So is it possible, just possible, that in these next six weeks, something else might happen — something crazy, something we're not expecting?"

Watch Moore defend his hopeful prediction above.