Watch This Mom Break Down in Happy Tears After Voting For Hillary Clinton

There have been many tears shed over the course of the 2016 presidential election, and most of them unhappy ones. But that wasn't the case for Montana voters Sarah Dean and her mother, Vickie Wilkinson, who shared an unexpectedly emotional moment after their visit to the polls. Dean uploaded this video of her mother, who was overwhelmed by the historical significance of voting for Hillary Clinton.

When asked about the sweet video by The Huffington Post, Dean said that this moment with her mom was an important reminder about the weight of this election.

"I had forgotten what was happening. This has been such a circus of an election cycle. But when my mom started crying, I thought, 'Oh yeah, this is an incredible thing that is taking place right now. We should be really excited that we get to do this.' So that's why I took a video of her."

According to Wilkinson herself, she shed happy tears because after a lifetime of watching her own divorced mother struggle to accomplish basic things — like buy a car without a man's signature — in a male-dominated society, a woman now stands a chance to become leader of the free world.

The saying might be "big girls don't cry," but this video is proof that "nasty women" certainly do. As this historical election comes to a head, we anticipate many more happy tears being shed across the country.