Mothers of Victims of Police Violence Deliver an Extremely Powerful Message at the DNC

Tuesday marked an emotional, poignant night at the Democratic National Convention, where members of the Mothers of the Movement group gathered on stage. The group included the mothers of Trayvon Martin, Jordan Davis, and Sandra Bland, whose deaths have sparked protests across the country.

As they took the stage, the crowd started chanting, "black lives matter."

Crowd chants "black lives matter" as mothers of victims of police brutality appear on stage

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Geneva Reed-Veal (mother of Sandra Bland) said of Hillary Clinton, "She is a leader and a mother who will say our children's names. She knows that when a young black life is cut short, it's not just a loss. It's a personal loss. It's a national loss. It's a loss that diminishes all of us." She added, "What a blessing tonight to be standing here so that Sandy can still speak through her mama."

"You don't stop being a mom when your child dies," said Jordan Davis's mother, Lucia McBath. "His life ended the day that he was shot and killed for playing loud music, but my job as his mother didn't. I still wake up every day thinking about how to parent him, how to protect him and his legacy, how to ensure that his death doesn't overshadow his life."

Trayvon Martin's mother, Sybrina Fulton, was the final speaker, saying, "Hillary Clinton has the compassion and understanding to support grieving mothers. She has the courage to lead the fight for common sense gun legislation." She added, "This isn't about being politically correct. This is about saving our children."

See part of their speech here.

WATCH: Trayvon Martin's mother addresses the #DemConvention: "This is about saving our children."

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