This UN Ambassador Had the Most Tone-Deaf Complaint About Working on July 4

While most Americans are lucky enough to have the Fourth of July off from work and school, there are a few notable exceptions: first responders, members of the military, many service industry employees, and certain public servants. But apparently this fact was lost on United States UN Ambassador — and public servant — Nikki Haley, who took to Twitter to complain about being called into work on Independence Day shortly after news broke that North Korea had fired an intercontinental ballistic missile.

Spending my 4th in meetings all day. #ThanksNorthKorea

— Nikki Haley (@nikkihaley) July 4, 2017

Unfortunately for the administration, it was Haley's complaint about having to spend a national holiday at the office, not President Trump's tweet about "putting a heavy move on North Korea" following the launch, that resounded on Twitter. The ambassador's tone-deaf tweet immediately garnered responses from outraged citizens, many of whom urged Haley to step down from her post if the realities of the job proved too inconvenient for her taste.

The amount of arrogance in this tweet is baffling. Is serving the American people an inconvenience for you? If so, feel free to step down.

— Geraldine (@everywhereist) July 4, 2017

. Kudos. Spending a holiday working for American security is unprecedented.

— Jake Query (@jakequery) July 4, 2017

What job did you think you were signing up for, exactly?

— Clara Jeffery (@ClaraJeffery) July 4, 2017

While I appreciate your service to our nation, perhaps you should be thanking the nearly 200,000 US troops serving overseas on #FourthOfJuly

— Andrew Weinstein (@Weinsteinlaw) July 4, 2017

Uhm. You know that the 4th of July isn't an international holiday, right?

— Kelly Scaletta (@KellyScaletta) July 4, 2017

Did you think being the United States ambassador to the United Nations was a 9-5 job with holidays off?

— Dave Hogg 📎 (@Stareagle) July 4, 2017

You're an Ambassador now. Stop tweeting like a teenage girl asked to do an extra shift at Starbucks.

— I'm Not That Joe (@imtheotherjoe) July 4, 2017

Several replies to Haley's tweet pointed out Donald Trump's proclivity for taking vacations and golfing on weekends, suggesting that perhaps the president's "9-to-5" attitude might have rubbed off on his administration.

One thing is for sure, though: the United Nations doesn't abide by the American calendar, and foreign policy isn't always convenient for barbecues and fireworks. Considering the overwhelming response to her begrudging comments about work, perhaps Haley will think twice before complaining about her sworn duty to the American people again.