If Oprah Knocks on Your Door, Don't Freak Out — She Just Wants You to Vote

When Oprah Winfrey tells you to vote, you vote! The former talk show host went door-to-door in Georgia on Thursday to encourage people to vote for the state's Democratic candidate for governor, Stacey Abrams. In a video posted to her Instagram page, Winfrey is seen knocking on the front door of an unsuspecting fan named Denise who nearly (and very understandably) jumps out of her skin at the sight of the media mogul. Since she's clearly on a mission here, Winfrey gets right to it and asks Denise whether she'll cast a ballot for Abrams in the upcoming election on Nov. 6, to which Denise replies, "I absolutely am," before the video cuts short. In another short clip, Winfrey passes by a woman holding up a sign promoting love and kindness while passing through a neighborhood.

Stacey Abrams is in a tight race against Republican candidate and Georgia's current Secretary of State, Brian Kemp. If Abrams wins the election, she will become the nation's first black female governor. With that information in mind — along with the fact that this gubernatorial race has drawn national attention due to allegations of voter suppression tactics — it's not a shock that Winfrey has spent the better part of this week showing her support for Abrams. So far, she's canvassed neighborhoods, spoken at a rally, and later has plans to attend a town hall. Abrams has also earned the support of former President Barack Obama, former Vice President Joe Biden, and Senator Kamala Harris.