President Obama Meets With Donald Trump and 4 Other Stories to Know Nov. 10

  • The reality that Donald Trump will be our next president set in when he met with President Obama this morning at the White House. The incoming president had pleasant words to say about Obama, whom he once claimed was not born in America. After their 90-minute conversation, Trump said he looks forward to President Obama's counsel in the future and described him as a "very fine man." Obama called their exchange an "excellent conversation."
  • Speaking of the election, thousands of high school students, many of whom could not even vote, took to the streets Thursday to protest Trump's election across the country. From San Francisco to Boulder, CO, students walked out of classrooms chanting, "Not my president."
  • Maybe those students took a cue from Snoop Dogg. Unwilling to live under President Trump, the rapper shared a picture on his Instagram account asking Drake for a "hookup" with property in Toronto. No word whether Martha Stewart, his new cooking-show mate, will join him in Canada.
  • In other entertainment news, fans of classic Nintendo games have something to be excited about. Nintendo is releasing a $60 console that is preloaded with all your favorite games from childhood like Super Mario Bros. and The Legend of Zelda. The console will hit shelves tomorrow for the ultimate flashback Friday.
  • The Rolling Stones are also making headlines today, and not because Trump played one of their hits during his victory speech. The iconic band will have a retrospective displaying all of their onstage outfits in New York City. The show already spent six months in London and was a hit, and it will debut in America on Friday.