This Is Probably the Most Racist Commercial You'll Ever See

Warning: outrage ahead.

Chinese brand Qiaobi is getting major backlash after it ran an incredibly racist commercial to promote laundry detergent. In the ad, we see a Chinese woman lure a black man over to her, only to shove him into the washing machine and for him to come out nice and clean — as a Chinese man.

As Christopher Ivan from the Shanghaiist writes, "Thanks to traditional beauty standards valuing white skin, many Chinese people have a well-established phobia of dark skin, which unfortunately also breeds racist attitudes towards people of African descent who are viewed by some as 'dirty' simply because of their skin tone." Ivan also reported that the ad is being shown on TV and at movie theaters in China.

The video has gone viral because of its offensive nature — perhaps the positive part of this whole saga is that the reactions, at least in the US, have been mostly "WTF?"

wtf is this racist mess china? this qiaobi laundry detergent ad is so fucked up

— Social Buddy Warrior (@girlchingu) May 26, 2016

It's beyond racist and ignorant. What a disgusting ad

— ABU BAKR aka Fabrice (@CoudjoA) May 26, 2016

Just watched racist Qiaobi brand detergent commercial. Pisses me off!

— Marianna Shaff (@CamilleKliether) May 26, 2016