Matt Damon's Smug David Cameron Trolls Theresa May in SNL's Brexit Sketch

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"Happy Christmas, Britain" is the appropriate title of Saturday Night Live's latest political skit, starring Kate McKinnon as UK Prime Minister Theresa May and Matt Damon as former PM David Cameron. Unsurprisingly, they had a good old laugh at the current political situation in the UK, as the Prime Minister opens Christmas gifts from the public and tries to keep her cool as a smug Cameron reminds her how much of this is actually his fault. Aside from the spot-on appearances and mannerisms (we're looking at Kate's hilarious Theresa dance and getting flashbacks), the skit nicely summed up what a week it has been for UK politics, and Theresa May in particular.

Perhaps the best line of all is Matt, as David Cameron, saying, "You know what's funny? People hate me, but they really hate you. Even though I did Brexit. I mean you've got to laugh." Well, it's true that we can't help but laugh at the accuracy, but we have a feeling there are a few Brits crying into their tea right now.