SNL's "It's a Wonderful Trump" Imagines a World in Which Donald Did Not Become President

The holiday episode of Saturday Night Live opened with a bit called "It's a Wonderful Trump," a parody of the classic movie It's a Wonderful Life. The hilarious skit portrayed a world in which Donald Trump never became president, and it featured a Christmas party with a few of the Trump administration's buddies — including Brett Kavanaugh, played again by host Matt Damon. In this world — which was shown in black-and-white to really mimic the 1940s movie — Kavanaugh did not, in fact, land a spot as a Supreme Court justice. "Me on the Supreme Court? With my temperament? Are you insane?!" Damon's Kavanaugh said.

The plus side to not being on the Supreme Court? "I have so much more time now to hang out with PJ and Squee and Needledick Nick," he joked. Oh yeah, and Damon's character gives Alec Baldwin's Trump a perfectly Kavanaugh gift: a calendar. "Every day is a different beer!" Damon exclaimed. Other highlights from the party include Ben Stiller's cameo as Michael Cohen and a backwards-hat-wearing Mike Pence (Beck Bennett) as the DJ. Watch the hysterical footage ahead, and then rewatch Matt Damon's first Kavanaugh impersonation because it's just too good.

SNL's "It's a Wonderful Trump" Cold Open

Mike Pence Was the DJ, Naturally

Kavanaugh Showed Up With a Calendar, Because of Course!

Michael Cohen Thanked Trump For Teaching Him "Everything He Knows"

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