Stevie Wonder Burned Donald Trump With 1 Brilliant Comment About Driving

At a concert in support of Hillary Clinton in Philadelphia on Nov. 4, Stevie Wonder made a poignant analogy to explain why voters should pick Clinton. In an interview with following the concert, Wonder compared having him drive your car to voting for Donald Trump.

The exchange came after a reporter asked Wonder why he was dedicating time to rally for Clinton. Wonder replied, "My youngest child is one year old. She is a junior millennial. So I'm looking at the future."

To really illustrate his point, however, Wonder said, "As much as you have great love for me and you think I'm funny and la la la la la and I make you laugh and all that, if you had an emergency situation and needed to go to the hospital, and you had to get there right away, would you want me driving your car?"

After the reporter replied no, Wonder, who is blind, said, "Exactly. Because I'm not an experienced driver, right?" He added, "So my belief is that Hillary is an experienced person of the government, and she has spent 30 years with a commitment. . . . That's the person I want to govern, to be the leader of this nation."

Wonder is one of many celebrities supporting Clinton in this high-stakes election.