Watch Tamron Hall Grill Scott Baio on Live TV For Sharing a Vile Hillary Clinton Meme

WATCH: @tamronhall to @ScottBaio: "Does joking about a woman that way make America great again?"(cc: @MSNBC)

— MSNBC Live w/Tamron (@TamronMSNBC) July 19, 2016

Things got seriously testy between host Tamron Hall and actor Scott Baio — who spoke last night at the Republican National Convention — live on MSNBC this morning. Hall didn't hold back as she questioned Baio for tweeting a Hillary Clinton meme intended to make it look as though she was standing in front of a banner emblazoned with the word c*nt — and for sharing an unflattering photo of First Lady Michelle Obama on Twitter, as well. Baio defended the Clinton meme, saying he "offered it up without commentary," but Hall continued to challenge him, asking, "Is this how to make America great again?" She also wanted to know why he blocked her on Twitter: "Just curious!"