You HAVE to Watch T.I.'s Hilarious Over-the-Top Reaction to Donald Trump

Warning: the video below contains profanity.

Rapper T.I. — or Tip, as he's sometimes referred to — has had a surprising presence in this ongoing election cycle. Last year, the Atlanta-based performer faced criticism for his sexist remarks about Hillary Clinton and his inability to imagine a female president. Though he quickly apologized, it seems as though T.I. — a Bernie Sanders supporter — is not done with adding to the conversation.

In an Instagram video, T.I. is seen reacting to a Donald Trump quote, "If we win, it's over," that was highlighted on CNN. In actuality, Trump was referring to clinching the nomination if he won in Indiana, which he eventually did. His full quote stated, "If we win Indiana, it's over." Taken without context though, the vague quote absolutely terrified T.I., who responded as one might — with lots of expletives.