The "Hateful" but Legal Reason a Tow Truck Driver Refused to Help a Woman With Disabilities

The presidential election has become so heated, even towing truck companies are participating in the savagery. Ken Shupe, who owns Shupee Max Towing in North Carolina, is a Donald Trump supporter and recently refused to service a woman with disabilities who had gotten into a fender bender. The reason? She is a Bernie Sanders supporter who had pro-Sanders signs in her car.

"Every business deal in recent history that I've had with a socialist-minded person, I haven't got paid . . . I get Berned — with an 'e' not a 'u,'" said Shupe in a local Fox News segment. He was referring to the "feel the Bern" slogan famously associated with the Sanders campaign.

Cassie McWade, the woman who was refused service, said, "He wouldn't want someone to do this to him or his daughter." Her mother also chimed in, saying, "Trump's motto is 'Make America great again.' This kind of divisive behavior and hatefulness is not what's going to make America great again."

Shupe broke no laws in the matter, despite how heartless his decision may seem to some. In the end, Cassie waited four hours before another tow truck could help her. Shupe denies knowing she has disabilities, although Cassie refutes his position.