11 Hilarious Reactions That Will Make Any Solar Eclipse FOMO Disappear Immediately

The great solar eclipse has come and gone, leaving us counting down the days till the next one on April 8, 2024. While some people were lucky enough to travel and see the full solar eclipse for themselves, not all of us were in the path of totality. But regardless of where you were during the solar eclipse, the reactions ahead should make you giggle uncontrollably — and be grateful that social media brought us all together for this event. At the very least, you probably didn't pull a President Donald Trump and look directly at the solar eclipse.

Some people decided the solar eclipse was a perfect excuse to party.

Others threw shade at the eclipse . . .

. . . like NASA's Moon account that blocked the sun on Twitter.

Some came up with creative solar eclipse glasses ideas . . .

People on the West Coast finally felt part of something cool and trendy.

One person thought the solar eclipse was an accurate representation of their love life.

Some people prepared for the worst to come on Instagram.

But really, the solar eclipse brought us all together . . .

. . . And it's a special memory we all shared together.