The UK Has Voted to Leave the European Union

After a lengthy, embroiled dispute in the United Kingdom, British citizens have voted to leave the European Union. Sources are reporting the result of the EU Referendum as a close call with the majority of millennials voting "remain," but those in favor of exiting the EU after 43 years have won out. In addition to severing Britain's membership to the European Union, the "leave" vote also has implications for the future of the British government. Prime Minister David Cameron announced Friday that, while he will remain in office for the time being, he will resign his post in October.

Not everybody in the UK is happy about the "leave" decision, with many high-profile citizens even threatening to move out of Britain (or vote for Scottish independence) over the vote.

However, the Brexit (British exit) is not official yet; the British Parliament must also approve the move before the United Kingdom can quit the EU.