The 1 Badass Reason Women Across India Are Sharing Photos of Themselves Out Late

Women across India are flocking to social media to protest a politician's recent remarks about the supposed dangers of staying out late.

Ramveer Bhatti — the vice president for the Bharatiya Janata political party in Chandigarh — was speaking about a recent incident wherein the son of a fellow party leader was found stalking a 29-year-old woman. Bhatti blamed the victim of the incident saying, "Such cases tend to occur and the probability is higher for girls being stalked if they are out at odd hours." And he did not end things there, instead going on to add that "Girls should not be seen roaming on roads after a certain hour in the evening."

Following his controversial statement, women have taken to Twitter to share pictures of themselves staying out late with the hashtag #AintNoCinderella. The hashtag has since been populated with countless responses and empowering tweets. It even garnered its own Twitter moment. Ahead, we've pulled together some of the best responses the online movement has inspired.