Salt Bae Who? "Walmart Yodel Boy" Is Shaping Up to Be 2018's Best Meme Yet

It's truly only a matter of time before 10-year-old Mason Ramsey makes a well-deserved appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. The young boy is taking the internet by storm after video footage surfaced of him showing off his yodeling chops in the middle of a Walmart in Harrisburg, IL. In the now-viral clip, Mason belts out the lyrics to Hank Williams's "Lovesick Blues" while engaging in some offbeat foot-tapping (and standing in front of a lovely selection of air mattresses). Having donned a red bow tie, a sizable belt buckle, and clunky boots, Mason puts his impressive yodel on display for his fellow Walmart shoppers, and to be honest, the kid's got talent that anyone — even nonyodelers — can appreciate.

When the internet caught wind of Mason's legendary singing skills, the Illinois boy went through what we like to call "the meme treatment": almost instantaneously, dozens of Twitter users found themselves cracking wise about his yodeling on social media. Below is just a sampling of the LOL-worthy meme, but watch out, Salt Bae — "Walmart Yodel Boy" is here to snatch your spotlight faster than you can sensually sprinkle salt on a hunk of meat.

"how could you even watch the walmart yodel boy"
me, an intellectual:

— salwa (@salyonce) April 1, 2018

Me if I ever hear the yodel kid around the isle at Walmart

— Pijus Bulvinas (@pbulvinas) April 2, 2018

Me: I hate country
Walmart yodel boy: sweet daaaAaaAaady such a beautiful dream

— Aïcha (@aiesthetic) April 1, 2018

me arriving at the walmart cyrus is in, vocal chords perfectly lubricated, ready to yodel

— jaq !! (@vices_era) March 31, 2018

"how could you even watch the walmart yodel boy"
me, an intellectual:

— gheeda (@kehlanimila) April 1, 2018

When you finish your yodel solo in front of your grandma at Walmart

— Nathan Winn (@The_Winnster) March 31, 2018

No one can seem to get Mason's yodeling out of their heads.

them: are you ok
me: I'm fine
my brain:

— heaviside (@vgestrellita) April 1, 2018

the walmart yodel kid isn't a joke anymore I've been singing this song for 3 days straight

— xana 2.0 (@xxaannaa23) April 3, 2018

i've had walmart yodel boy stuck in my head for a solid six hours now pls send help

— sweet tea (@lilpumpknmuffin) April 3, 2018

friend: hey u ok? u seem kinda distant
me: yeah of course!
my mind: why is that kid even singing in a walmart? where did he learn to yodel like that? in what state did this happen? did his mom put him up to that? did the crowd clap when he finished? do you th

— sav!! ✨🤸‍♂️🌺 (@paaparoni) March 31, 2018

i cant stop thinking about yeehaw walmart yodel boy. he's been running through my mind all day. im so scared. please help me.

— helena (@helenabelete) March 31, 2018

A few dedicated fans went so far as to imitate him in their local Walmarts.

Today I learned that I'll leave yodeling in Walmart to Mason Ramsey. @TheEllenShow, if yeehaw yodel boy cant make it on the show, you know where to find me.

— alexa (@alexatabbacc) April 2, 2018

So I went to Walmart this morning looking for the yodel kid and this happened 💀

— THATBOYJAY🌊 (@JayPartyboyy) April 3, 2018

Some people even made their own interesting remixes.

Walmart yodel kid get at me

— alex medina (@mrmedina) April 2, 2018

There should probably be some sort of law prohibiting this

— lowercase (@lowercase464) April 1, 2018

Can stop listening to the yodel Walmart boy remix. Every time the beat drops I transcend the physical world

— Helen Mendoza (@helenmendozaa) April 3, 2018

the only exception feat. walmart yodel boy

— emma (@misguidedem) April 1, 2018

One person made a Sims version of Mason's viral video.

we made the walmart yodel boy on sims

— juullian (@100dollajill) April 1, 2018

The internet thinks he could be a serious threat to other artists.

somewhere father john misty is watching the walmart yodel boy SHAKING

— jaboukie young-white (@jaboukie) April 1, 2018

taylor swift: boring, old, has been, strained vocals

walmart yodel kid: smart, revolutionary, DaAdDDddDy, skinny, king of yodeling, young

— george (@_gapc) March 31, 2018

*Waits for official confirmation of Mason's first musical tour*

Can't wait for this Yodel Kid x Walmart tour y'all

— Alex Chaney (@alexalexchaney) April 3, 2018