Your Cheat Sheet to Tuesday's Election Results

Three Western states voted Tuesday after the presidential candidates each made statements about the Brussels attacks. There was a primary in Arizona, a caucus in Utah, and a Democratic caucus in Idaho. (Not sure what the difference is between a primary and caucus? This should help you out.) On Wednesday morning, former GOP candidate Jeb Bush endorsed Ted Cruz. Get more details ahead.

Here's what happened:

  • Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton won big in Arizona, according to the AP. Arizona was the major state to watch, since it was a winner-take-all contest for the Republicans.
  • Bernie Sanders took Utah and Idaho with major margins, while Ted Cruz came out victorious in Utah. John Kasich didn't win any states or delegates.
  • Including Tuesday's results, Clinton has 1,214 delegates, while Sanders claims 911 out of the 2,383 needed to win. (This count does not include superdelegates, many of which have pledged to vote for Clinton but can still change their minds.)
  • On the GOP side, Trump has amassed 738 delegates, Cruz has 463, and Kasich has 143 out of the 1,237 needed.

Here's what it means:

  • Most of the Southern and Midwestern states have already hosted elections, so this could be an indication of how the upcoming Western states with similar demographics will vote.
  • Clinton swept the older and minority Democrats in Arizona, while Trump did well there because of his anti-immigration rhetoric — two patterns we will likely see again.
  • Although Cruz took all the delegates in heavily religious Utah, unless he wins big in remaining contests like Washington, it seems unlikely that he can force a brokered convention in July.
  • And despite looking like he doesn't have the math behind him to beat Clinton, Sanders proved he's still a force in the Democratic campaign, especially among heavily white states like Idaho and Utah.

Here's what's next:

  • Democrats in Alaska, Hawaii, and Washington will get to cast their votes on Saturday when all three states host Democrat-only caucuses.