This Black Woman's Viral Story About Being Pulled Over Will Actually Make Your Day

After a Summer marred by police brutality and killings of unarmed black men, one white woman has had enough and is acting as an ally to black people pulled over by police. Thyler Mollett, a 22-year-old black woman from Greenville, SC, shared a heartwarming story about the woman on Twitter, where it quickly went viral.

Mollett told POPSUGAR she was pulled over by police when a white woman named Kristen Lowe drove into the parking lot to watch the interaction. Lowe explained to the officer that she was watching because "you have a young black female alone in a parking lot with no cameras . . . Do I need to say more?" Mollett said, "The officer was confused first, just like I was." When he went to his car to run her license and registration, Lowe introduced herself to Mollett and said she'd stick around until the matter was over.

Mollett was in such disbelief that she forgot to get Lowe's contact info and hasn't been able to find her on social media since. "It really means a lot to me and warms my heart that there are people out there thinking about you even when you're not," Mollett said. "She was really my guardian angel that day."

Here's the entire story as told through Mollett's tweets, which have thousands of retweets and favorites.

Twitter users who responded to the story said more people should follow in Lowe's footsteps.