Dec 27 2021 - 12:00pm

Mullein, Lavender, & Mint Smoking Blend

Dani Solorio

This Mullein Smoking Remedy Clears Congestion


  1. ½ ounce dried mullein leaf or flowers
    ½ ounce dried lavender flowers
    ½ ounce dried mint leaves


  1. On a clean tray or plate, mix equal amounts of each herb, until they're nicely blended together.
  2. Once the blend is mixed, store it in a glass jar in a dark place to maintain freshness.
  3. If using a water pipe, smoke up to 1 gram daily to help clear your lungs and air passages of debris.
  4. If using paper to smoke your herbal blend, use organic wraps to avoid further lung contamination. 1-2 pre-rolls daily is the recommended dose.

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