Dec 23 2021 - 12:00pm

Fire Cider

Suhaly Carolina-Bautista


Recommended dosage: 1-2 tbsps daily when you’re feeling healthy to build immunity. When you're feeling sick, double the dosage. It can be taken straight or mixed into juices.

This Dominican Fire Cider Remedy Will Boost Immunity


  1. 1 large organic onion, chopped
    2 heads organic garlic, crushed
    1 organic lemon, juice and pulp
    1 organic orange, juice and pulp
    5 star anise
    5 dried bay leaves
    5 tbsp elderberry syrup (optional)
    1/2 cup fresh grated organic ginger root (or 4 tbsps organic ginger root powder)
    1/2 cup fresh grated organic horseradish root (or 2 tbsp organic horseradish powder)
    1 tablespoon organic turmeric powder
    1/2 teaspoon organic cayenne powder
    2 tablespoons dried rosemary leaves
    4 sprigs of fresh rosemary
    Organic apple cider vinegar (enough to fill the jar)
    1/2 cup of raw, local honey (add more depending on taste)
    5 cinnamon sticks
    1 tablespoon peppercorns
    4 fresh organic thyme sprigs (or 1 tbsp dried thyme)
    *some recipes call for (2) jalapeño or habañero peppers*


  1. Chop, grate, and crush the onion, garlic, ginger, and horseradish. Pour these ingredients and all others into a large glass jar. I recommend using a 6-cup/3-pint glass mason jar.
  2. Pour the organic apple cider vinegar into the jar until all of the ingredients are covered and the vinegar reaches 1" from the jar's top.
  3. Use a piece of natural parchment paper under the lid to keep the vinegar from touching the lid. Shake with intention.
  4. Store the jar in a dark, cool place for a month/one moon cycle. Shake daily.
  5. After one month, use cheesecloth to strain out the pulp, pouring the liquid into a clean jar. Be sure to squeeze as much of the liquid goodness as you can from the pulp while straining.
  6. Taste your cider and add more honey until you reach the desired sweetness.

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