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The Best Moments From Sunday's Puppy Bowl VIII

Feb 6 2012 - 1:00pm

Once again, Animal Planet's Puppy Bowl filled the crowd with oohs and awws, but it also spawned some controversy over its MVP (Most Valuable Puppy) selection. While Aberdeen demonstrated greatness with four touchdowns, aptly named Fumble took home the top prize thanks to his athletic prowess and overall hustle. Check out our favorite moments in this recap, and visit Animal Planet [1] for all of the poochtastic moments!

Source: Animal Planet [2]

Aberdeen Goes For the Score

Hunter is in hot pursuit.

Source: Animal Planet [3]

Smooching on the Field

Lucie and Aberdeen share an onside kiss.

Source: Animal Planet [4]

A Visit From the Treasure Buddies

Celebrity guests included some famous Disney dogs.

Source: Animal Planet [5]

Pigs on the Sideline

These little low-riding piggies kept team spirit flying high throughout the game.

Source: Animal Planet [6]

Fumble Gets a Time Out

In spite of Fumble's rough style of play, this pup still went on to win MVP!

Source: Animal Planet [7]

Kitty Halftime Show

Madonna [8] who? These feline performers had far more interesting moves than any pop diva.

Source: Animal Planet [9]

Meep the Bird

Meep tweeted like a good little bird [10] with updates throughout the two-hour event.

Source: Animal Planet [11]

Let Out a Pig Cheer

More pot-bellied festivities from the sidelines.

Source: Animal Planet [12]


More from the Kitty Halftime Show.

Source: Animal Planet [13]

A Midfield Breather

During such a rough and tumble game, it helps to rest now and then.

Source: Animal Planet [14]

Midfield Affection

Aberdeen finds himself in another lip-lock with Anthony!

Source: Animal Planet [15]


Ref Dan Schachner signals a puppy score.

Source: Animal Planet [16]

The Puppy Cam

We loved watching the game from the pup's perspective.

Source: Animal Planet [17]

Celebrating One of Aberdeen's Many TDs

The Australian shepherd mix tallied up four touchdowns, a career high.

Source: Animal Planet [18]

Illegal Man on the Field

Hey, this stadium's for puppies only!

Source: Animal Planet [19]

Water Break!

Every athlete must remember to hydrate properly.

Source: Animal Planet [20]

Tussle For the Ball

Aberdeen and Abilene fight for possession.

Source: Animal Planet [21]

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