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Advice For Dealing With Aggressive Dog

Tips For Dealing With an Aggressive Dog?

Readers, kiwitwist needs our help! She's dealing with an aggressive dog next door:

Hey Everyone,

I could really use some advice. We recently moved to a house with a big piece of property. When we moved in, we knew there was a dog next door but never really saw it (only heard him bark a few times). There is a wood privacy fence between our yard and our neighbour's (with the dog). I don't usually let me dogs hang out outside for any great length of time . . . usually enough to pee and play, unless I am with them.

Well, I came home from work one day and let the girls out to pee and I heard something slam into the fence growling, barking . . . wanting to eat my dogs. I have never in my life seen such aggression. I have watched him slam head first into the fence, growling and barking. My one dog (who is half his size) ran to the fence and barked back. Long story short, I have done pretty good at keeping my dogs in while "the beast" is outside. But we run into a problem when I get off of work . . . the neighbour gets home at the same time. I find myself racing home to get there before they do.

Before I get the guts to ask her if we can work out a schedule, does anyone else have any ideas?? If my dogs would ignore him and continue to do their business, it wouldn't be 'as' big of an issue . . . but they stop everything and bark back. I have to call them into the house and wait until he goes in. Meanwhile they have been crossing their paws for 9 hours!


Offer your advice in the comments, and ask your own question in Pet Peeves!

Source: Flickr User TheGiantVermin

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