Alternative Use for Loyal Loot Collectives Handmade Log Bowls
Alterna-Use For These Lovely Log Bowls: Doggie Bowls!

I came across these Log Bowls as I was cruising Craftzine the other day, and drooling (from me, not North) quickly commenced. Although I wouldn't pass up the chance to see these in my cupboard, I had a grand idea on how to talk myself into buying a few: use them as doggie bowls instead!

Since these are all handmade from local trees, then artfully put together with a glass bowl by skilled craftsmen, I'm guessing the price for a whole set is pretty steep. But with the varying sizes and heights, it would make buying a platform almost a nonissue, so incorporating one or two shouldn't be too hard for my pocketbook to handle. Have you ever used human bowls as doggie bowls?

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