For those of you who answer "Spoiled Sweet" on all those Spoiled Sweet or Rotten polls, I guess you weren't kidding! In a story released yesterday, the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association estimates that American pet owners spent over $41 billion dollars last year on their furry pals.

APPMA President Bob Vetere credits trends in design and including pets part of your family to the rise in spending.

"High end products in general are on the rise, as is gift giving and new product introductions and innovation. The pet industry continues to grow at a record pace and the future is no exception. Pet owners and the companies providing pet products and services show no sign of letting up."

To hear more about where our money is going and why,

High end pet accessories, carriers, designer clothes, and organic food topped the spending list, but big money was also spent on pet health insurance, pet spas and hotels, as well as doggie day care.

What's more is Americans are expected to spend even more this year – an estimated $48 million – which is more than double what we spent in 1996! I suppose since over 71 million American homes are with pet, it really evens out, right? Or maybe I'm just feeling guilty over spending a little too much on North's food bowls. Either way, our pets are worth it. Wouldn't you agree?