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Do You Blow-Dry Your Pets?

One of my Twitter pals recently tweeted that 25 percent of cat owners blow-dry cats' hair after a bath! I've no idea where that stat comes from but it got me thinking. While many pet-friendly options offer especially silent settings, like this Andis QuietAire Ionic/Ceramic Pet Dryer, if a pet doesn't get spooked by sound that could be unnecessary spoiling. Whether with special choices or using human dryers — but always mindful of the heat settings! — are you one of them?

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secondstar secondstar 6 years
My dog doesn't even like it when I use the blow dryer on myself, she always runs and hides. We just have to time baths right so she can air dry without having to go outside on chilly days or go to bed wet.
Skeptic52 Skeptic52 6 years
I have a Cavalier and sometimes she needs to be blow dried. She has those big, wavy ears, and water can get trapped, causing ear infections. So, if I can't spend 30 minutes trying to towel dry her head (it takes what seems like FOREVER), then I just whip out the dryer.
hazelprincesse hazelprincesse 6 years
Three of my parents' dogs (Bella the boxer, Lucy the golden retriever, and Skip the Jack Russell) LOVE to be blow-dried. In fact, Skip and Bella INSIST upon being blow-dried every single morning! Lucy only begs to be blow-dried after a bath.
fuzzles fuzzles 6 years
Gotta do it with a Persian, unless you want to end up with the biggest single matt on four legs that you've ever seen! Thankfully, Oliver is a groomer's dream. He loves baths, blow-drying and being fussed over.
MandyWH MandyWH 6 years
My parents always used the blow-dryer on our family dog when I was growing up! She loved it. I spare my kitty the trauma of either a bath or a blow-dry.
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