AquaVista 500 Fish Tank Frames Your Fish
Getting "Framed" Isn't Always a Bad Thing... When You're a Fish

As much as I gushed over the Silverfish aquarium, it's pretty bulky, so I know it would never fit in my apartment. The AquaVista 500 ($330), on the other hand, is right up my alley. Coming in at just under two feet wide and two feet tall, this six gallon tank is perfect for your tropical fish to hang out in . . . literally. Just remember to follow the fish-to-inch ratio! Plus, at only four inches deep, it won't stick out like a sore thumb, which means less chance of someone walking by and getting a smack on the head! To see why I like it, just

.Since I love fish, but don't love how much space a standard tank takes up in my small apartment, I can imagine that this would make living with fish much more enjoyable. Made of high quality plastic and wood these babies are prime targets as a conversation piece, especially if you do a lot of entertaining at home. Plus, the AquaVista is customizable, letting you choose from 15 frames and 6 backgrounds to suit your decorative tastes. It's living art, and who doesn't love that?


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