Babies SF Photo Tour
Shop Spotlight: Babies SF

One of Santa's little helpers at this year's Petchitecture event was Michael Cunningham, owner of one of my fave pet shops here in the city, Babies. He donated tons of tasty treats to please the furry guests, and buckets of goodies for the silent auction that brought in much needed funds for the Pets are Wonderful Support (PAWS), a volunteer-based organization that provides for the comprehensive needs of companion animals for low-income persons with HIV/AIDS, other disabling illnesses, and senior citizens. Since I dig his store (and his big heart), I thought I would give you a tour at Babies' brand new location at Laguna and Linden in the hip Hayes Valley area of San Francisco.

While I was there, I picked Michael's brain about some of the hottest trends of the upcoming summer season, his dog food of choice, and his fave celeb pets. To find out what he had to say, and to take a photo tour of the shop, just


PS: What are the top three pet trends for the upcoming Summer season?
MC: For sure, anything "green" is popular, as well as sports themed products like shirts, collars and leashes, and toys. And pet parties are a big hit for the summer as well.

PS: In your opinion, what dog food can you buy that gives you the most bang for your buck, as well as being good for your pet?
MC: I would choose Canidae, since it's good for all life stages and, if you were going raw, I would choose Primal.

PS: Speaking of raw diets, how do you feel about them?
MC: It's a great idea for most pets, and I have seen it have miraculous results. But you do have to be a bit more organized and structured for it to work right!

PS: Do you have any favorite celebrity pets?
MC: We've actually helped out a number of celebrity pets in our store. My favorites include Finoula and Sabrina, Katie Lee and Billy Joel's pups. I also love Jane Fonda's pup Tulea, Hilary Swank's Karu and Salma Hayek's dog Diva, as well as Sophie, Oprah's dog. Chris Isaak, Sarah McLachlan, Tracy Chapman, Keith Richards and Amanda Brown's pets are so cute too. I guess all the pets that come in are my favorite!

You can find Michael at Babies, with his own two dachshund babies every day of the week at 534 Laguna Street in San Francisco.