Baby Tigers Send Stars on The Last Airbender
Who's Cuter: Jackson Rathbone . . . or This Baby Tiger?

This may be a tough choice for you — especially the Twilight fans in the bunch — but I'm totally serious! Jackson Rathbone (and costar Nicola Peltz) made some wild appearances at a signing for The Last Airbender this week, and it looks as if he's cooing at the cute cub, too!

From my knowledge of the already-completed movie, and the fact that these pics are from a Six Flags yesterday, the lil one doesn't make an actual appearance, but there are plenty of closeup tiger pics for your viewing pleasure below, and I guess there will also be more to see of Jasper, I mean Jackson, in Eclipse, too!

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I don't know why he is holding a tiger cub, but I hope everyone looking through these photos realizes this is a major problem in the US. It is very stressful for the cubs and actually very sad once you understand what happens. The cubs are typically abandoned once they are too large to be safely photographed with people. Where will this cub go once he is too big to be held in a few weeks? Here is a great article explaining:
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