Why the sad face, North? You're all out of pumpkin I see. Even though my pooch didn't get to sample the organic canned pumpkin that time around, I've got a special Summer treat that I'm gonna whip up this weekend.Frozen pumpkin cubes! Many pets are crazy about ice or frozen PB and banana shapes, and pumpkin cubes are no different.

To make, simply fill trays with a mixture of canned pumpkin (the pure stuff, not pie filling) and water, using just enough liquid to get a smooth consistency. Freeze it, then offer to a lucky pup as a special treat. In addition to working miracles on kitty's hairballs, yummy pumpkin can also help with your pets' constipation or diarrhea issues. Seriously. But even if your doggie's doo is fine, I bet he'd appreciate this special snack during the Dog Days of Summer.