I hosted a Christmas party at my house on Saturday night to catch up with old friends before we all went our separate ways for the holidays. Now, North enjoys parties as much as anyone else I know (two or four legged), but I made the decision to bring him to daycare on the morning of. You see, he adores company so much that I worried his desire to meet-and-greet would cause unfortunate party fouls involving Pomegranate- Champagne Punch and my microsuede couches. Eek!

My little guy loves going to Pet Camp and they always greet him by name when I walk in, which makes both of us feel extra special. I thought of it as offering a relaxing weekend retreat . . . so instead of watching me prep snacks, he could play with tons of other dogs and new people in a safe environment. What do you think – if you are having a special party at your house, is your pet present or banished from the bash?