So you want to teach your puppy to fetch, eh? Good luck with that. Since puppies are easily distracted, you'll probably get more of a workout than he will – and end up playing fetch with yourself! I know it took North a while to get the hang of retrieving the ball, and in the process I must have lost about five pounds! Thankfully, Katie's Bumpers are here to help by keeping you stocked with great training aides.

First, they make these nice and soft Heave Hose Bumpers ($15-20) for puppy to run and fetch. It won't hurt their growing teeth or jaws, plus they're bright and easy to find if you happen to throw a little too far. And since they come sizes from Puppy - Big Mouth, when your little one grows up to be a pro fetcher, you can upgrade to something a little more suitable. Next up, in your arsenal, Katie's River Rope ($20) makes retrieving those bumpers even easier since you won't even need to leave your lounge chair. Just connect the rope to your bumper and you have a contingency plan if puppy decides to run off and chase butterflies instead. Plus, at 25 feet long, your pup can get in quite a workout to boot! Best yet, the River Rope was made especially for those days at the beach, lake or (duh) river once Fido knows how to swim. Just toss the toy in the water, and you won't have to worry about it going downstream! So smart.