Sometimes I think North has box cutters for teeth. The rate at which he destroys toys surely must put him within the top five percentile of pups. Because of his "habit," I'm always looking for gear that will stand up to his chompers. Trust me, these toys are called Tuffie's for good reason! Most of the products are on the larger size (some even rivaling his size), but North still likes to drag them around with him. They don't come cheap but they last with tough chewers and even float, too.

For those squeak lovers, mine doesn't include one . . . but that's just because it's too sturdy to squeak. Tuffie's are made with two layers of industrial grade nylon, covered with a soft fleece outside for snuggling. Those layers are each sewed together, then the toy is sealed shut with two more layers of stitching and then an additional piece of trim covers it, with three more linear stitches on top. Count 'em – that's seven seams in all! Check out their barnyard animals, sea life, plus dinosaurs when you