I still remember being at a childhood friend's house in the country when her cat brought in a dead mouse and placed it at her little brother's feet. Because I must have been about six or seven at the time, I remember screaming and jumping on the couch, and recall the whole thing to be a tad traumatic. Now, flash forward many years later as I got a call tonight from a high school friend to tell me (as PetSugar) that her indoor/outdoor cat brought in a Koi from her pond and left it on her back stoop . . . she was a bit freaked out, shocked at the cat's ability and sudden hunting desire, but still handling herself rather well. I tried to offer moral support as she went through her options to (a) call her boyfriend; (b) close her eyes and remove it herself; or (c) ignore it and hope kitty decides to become doglike and digs a hole outside. We decided on the first option and she just called back to tell me that the situation has been taken care of. Now, North is likely too greedy to present anything to me, but I want to hear what your (insert pet here) brought in!