Behind-the-Scenes: Chloe's Beverly Hills Chihuahua Wardrobe
Behind-the-Scenes: Chloe's Beverly Hills Chihuahua Wardrobe

While several of the pups of Beverly Hills Chihuahua sported fashions I recognized from doggie couture label Little Lily, for most of her clothed scenes, star pup Chloe wore handmade outfits of sleek and chic materials imported from Europe . . . all to give her a look modeled after Chanel, Valentino, and the like.

Costume designer Mariestela Fernández designed 30 dresses to fit a prototype of the canine actress (named Angel) and worked with the star's animal coordinator over three fittings to select the final 17 outfits used in the film. From nightgowns to ball gowns, most outfits featured specially created booties meant to stay on her paws (well, most of the time . . . wink wink to those of you who've seen the film already).

Curious about that diamond collar (and to see photos from the film!)


Creating Chloe's opulent necklace required three weeks and several design changes. At first, filmmakers wanted a large pendant in the front but found that knocked into her lil front legs. Then, they had to remove a second row of smaller diamonds because they felt it was too heavy for the Chihuahua's small frame. Lastly, they made three copies of the final design in case of mishaps. Oh yeah, in case you hadn't guessed, they were cubic zirconium not diamond. Now see the still stunning collar and fab fashions in the gallery below.

Photos courtesy of Walt Disney Pictures

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