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Do Tell: Have You Used a Belly Band For Your Male Dogs?

OK, so I have to admit when I saw my friend's dog with a Belly Band on, I couldn't help but chuckle. I know they have a function, I just think they look hilarious on. Like a diaper for your male dogs, a Belly Band is supposed to inhibit the urge to pee in your house since it fits over his. . . um, doggie junk. These could help in potty training as well if you leave the band on when you are away to keep him from piddling where he shouldn't. So, I get the function, they just really make me laugh!

Have you ever used a Belly Band on your male dogs? If so, did it work for you?


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fairlady02 fairlady02 7 years
we just got our chihuahua belly bands because he is constanty marking in my mothers house. she has two male dogs and he likes to try and show his dominance in the form of marking. they can irritate the skin but they shouldnt be kept on for too long anyway. if you are using them with your dog you can just fix it so its a tad bit looser and it seems to help a lot.
jasperdog jasperdog 8 years
My 8 month rat terrier hates the belly band, He has never had an accident in the house or marked till recently. It took him 2 weeks to get use to his collar so I think he is just stubborn. The belly band is a wonderful invention & the breeder told me about it. Does anyone know if it is smaller dogs that mark more ? I know someone with chauwawas they are fixed, but they are still marking in the house +
Z-E-R-O Z-E-R-O 8 years
We foster dogs, and belly bands can be very useful with elderly dogs or dogs that come straight from a bad situation. I see nothing "inhumane" about them- the ones we use are soft and much smaller than the one pictured above. I have never seen one that takes up the majority of their torso (like in the pic).
insanitypepper insanitypepper 8 years
These are hilarious! I'm going to have to get this for our next visit to the in-laws and their two dogs. My dog tries to mark every ten minutes when we're in their house. We've been wrapping diapers around his waist (he's a big boy, so they don't fit the normal way), which hasn't been effective 100% of the time. Hopefully the belly band will be more leak-proof.
Zero_Cool Zero_Cool 8 years
Doggie junk!? LOL.... I can't stop laughing at that phrase. Going to have to incorporate it next time my dog starts licking himself. Doggie junk... I love it... lol
3Sweeties 3Sweeties 8 years
don't they have, like, a stylish one???
couture-yourself couture-yourself 8 years
The breeder used one on our Harlow + he was neutered really young, and he's never ever marked. In fact, he doesn't even lift his leg to pee at all, he squats are stands there. haha. So I'd say there was some success with his belly band experience.
tinye tinye 8 years
I foster dogs, and we have used belly bands for several of the dogs that we have fostered. When you have an adult dog that hadn't been neutered until right before you bring him home, sometimes they need one. We have so many dogs coming and going, in order to keep me sane and the house clean, it is necessary for the markers and the ones that aren't potty trained. Potty training is "easy" enough, usually you get them on a schedule and you don't need the belly band after a couple of weeks. The markers, those are harder because if you bring in a new dog, all of a sudden, they feel the need to mark again, so the markers usually stay in the bellyband. And they are not inhumane, they don't keep the dog from peeing, they only keep the pee from landing on the floor and furniture.
Schliess81 Schliess81 8 years
My little guy Laser feels the need to mark up the neighbor's home because they have a pretty little girl dog, and he thinks he owns her house to. He only wears it at this one friend's home, and never longer than about 30 minutes or so. His is denim and he looks sooooo ridiculous I laugh and tell him it's is own fault he looks so dorky. I cut a Maxipad in half and insert instead of buying the ones they sell at Petco. I don't like using this thing, but it's better than being on edge every time we take him over. I always tell him no if I see him lifting his leg to mark, but sometimes he sneaks away. I had him neutered about 6 months ago, but he was already a year old so I am not if he'll ever completely stop.
hanako66 hanako66 8 years
hahaha....I can not stop laughing when I look at that picture and think of its use!
cubadog cubadog 8 years
I have seen them but have never used them. I know people that used them on their dogs that would not stop marking in the house.
kendallina kendallina 8 years
I don't think I could use this on my dog.
Plastic-bee Plastic-bee 8 years
I hadn’t even heard of them until now, Sam’s only ever peed indoors once and that was because he got scared and it was pure fear that made him do it. My mum used to breed Shih Tzu's and she trained them with nappy pads never one of these things.
sonya-ina sonya-ina 8 years
Oh goodness! That looks hilarious. It could be an aid in training, but definitely not a replacement.
Gatito Gatito 8 years
One of my rescued dogs continues to mark even though he was neutered years ago. We've tried everything. Dog trainers have told me that marking is a behavior that can't be corrected. Marking and urinating are not the same thing. Marking is mostly territorial but can also be a result of anxiety. I've tried a belly band and he hates it. Because he is already such a neurotic dog, I put it away and now I'm actively searching for a more comfortable alternative. Meanwhile, my rugs and furniture are getting ruined.
CJaneTyp CJaneTyp 8 years
Try some training instead. Or letting the dog out more frequently. I think this is inhumane.
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