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Best Dog Toys For Chewers

PetSugar Q + A: What Are the Best Dog Toys For Chewers?

With dog toys costing so much, I know all too well the resulting frustration when seeing a brand-new item reduced to shreds and fuzz on the floor only minutes after handing it off to North — his quick killer skills make me hesitate when picking out any present! While heavy-duty, rubber ones stand up to his little jaws, many times he walks right by these choices with nary a second glance. Since a member recently asked this question in our newest community group, PetSugar Q and A, I'm passing it along to all of you to comment below so tell me: What are the best dog toys for chewers?

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booglass booglass 5 years
Our Boston Terrier, Monty, has a passion for unstuffing toys. He has destroyed Tuff Toys in less than an hour. Apparently to him every toy is a personal challenge. The Martha Stewart pet toys are the only ones that can stand up to a beating from him.
deekai deekai 5 years
I had a lab/corgi/terrier who would chew for hours. The one toy he could not destroy was the Hurley & Tux from West Paws.
wonderland123 wonderland123 6 years
Antler dog chews from . They're all-natural and organic and really durable.
Muttropolis Muttropolis 6 years
Tough Toys all the way. This site has a good selection and most of the toys have been reviewed- I agree that Anters are amazing for big chewers and they have no smell and don't leave behind a mess. I got my pup antlers from Muttropolis too.
gronnies gronnies 6 years
I'm not sure about chewing this but it is definitely a way to keep your dog occupied for a while: Kong Wobbler. It is an interactive toy where you put in paste, treats or food and they play with it to get the food out. The toy seems near indestructible. Cheapest at
kellelilly kellelilly 6 years
A few things I would recommend (having an absolutely EXTREME chewer myself)... 1) Bully Sticks (but trust me, make sure--for your own sense of smell--to get the "ODOR FREE" ones.) 2) "Extreme Kong" (the black one. It actually lasts) 3) Antler (moose, etc). Price varies depending on size, but WELL worth it, and they LOVE it. I get them at the "holistic" pet store, but you can buy them on line (example: ) 4) Himalayan Dog Chews. ( My dog and I swear by all of these, and best of all THEY LAST!
kateerc kateerc 6 years
My pit bull puppy is a serious chewer and we bought Tuffies Tug o War for her and it still looks like it is brand new. There is also a line of toys made from the same material fire hoses are made from that are supposed to be indestructible.
Pup-Fan Pup-Fan 7 years
I second wandaroo's recommendation for the Tuffy Toys. My pup is a champion toy destroyer, but those do last longer than anything else I've tried.
Susanna Susanna 7 years
My dog goes through regular Nylabone's pretty quickly, but the Galileos (the asymmetrical ones) from Nylabone hold up well.
wandaroo wandaroo 7 years
I own a terrier mix which I swear is a "tear"ier mix. He has no interest in Kongs or Nylabones, he does love stuffed toys but can decimate them in minutes. The only one that I found that lasts are these "Tuffy" toys : They come with a rating scale, so you can pick how tough they need to be. Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever and you have to monitor your pets with all stuffed chew toys. I highly recommend RAWHIDE! and large beef bones. Good luck!
Dingasaurus Dingasaurus 7 years
My 25 lb puggle has destroyed every stuffed toy (including Go Dog) that she has ever come in contact with. The only survivors are rubber and dispense treats. We have a large Everlasting Treat Ball (we buy a size up), a large Tug-a-Jug, large black Kongs, and the Bob-a-Lot. We also go through Nylabones like crazy and they end up causing bleeding gums. We also sometimes buy raw beef soup bones and freeze them. They spend hours licking out the marrow and then chew on the bones for weeks. Good luck!
msame msame 7 years
Skip the toys. Get a hollow beef bone and stuff it with treats (jerky etc) It can't be destroyed, it's good for their teeth, and (depending on how food oriented your dog is) HOURS of entertainment.
fleurfairy fleurfairy 7 years
Any of the stuffed toys made by Fat Cat Inc. My dog will destroy anything stuffed, but these are so well made they hold up for months. And he LOVES them.
kitkatherine kitkatherine 7 years
My dog has destroyed almost everything - she loves soft toys and they last usually a day. The only one that with stood time was a pink dragon from Go Dog Go - not the green or the blue (she destroyed those) but the pink style held up. The Kong Snugga Wubba holds up for a bit, but not long. But longer than most. And she just ignores her kongs. And I agree - Nylabones (while she loves them) get chunks taken out of them pretty quickly. And ever step on one? OUCH! Especially after a day or more of chewing - they are so pokey and sharp!
kismekate kismekate 7 years
i'm all for the nylabones!
Pistil Pistil 7 years
I should mention: The toys we have now are Kongs, but even those don't last too long before the dogs are eating rubber chunks (and they're pricey!). Nylabone toys get chewed through even quicker. Any other ideas?
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