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PetSugar Q + A: What Was Your Favorite Pet as a Kid?

If my parents had been a bit more willing, I would have filled our home up with pets! From the salamander I caught in a creek and the squirrels I'd try to chase as a tot to my actual dog and cat, my love for animals didn't hatch overnight.

While fondly recalling my menagerie, I came across this very question in the PetSugar Q + A community group asking about favorite childhood pets. I think my kitty named Precious was my favorite since I remember picking her out at a shelter more clearly than I remember the day we brought my dog home. Think back to the pets you had as a kid — or wished you did — could you name a favorite?

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Girl-Jen Girl-Jen 7 years
I still have my favorite childhood pet. Her name is Billie Kitty. We got her when I was 8 years old, from a box of free kittens. She is at least 20 years old, maybe 21. She is a snuggly little sweetheart with a snaggle tooth and claws that seem to be incapable of retracting. She commands respect from all the other cats (and the terrier!), and spends most of her days sitting on the back of the couch and supervising the goings-on in the house. She has burned through 8 of her 9 lives (stuck in a tree for three days, shot with a BB gun >:( , three major surgeries, two fights with big dogs, and she's lost one life to old age). It's almost her time. Still, she chases down the boy cats when they're annoying her, plays with foil balls, hops up on my lap for a snuggle, and goes outside to lay around in the sun on hot days.
lauren lauren 7 years
My cat named stickers! We got her when I was 3 year and she was sweetest and most patient cat. Exactly what a three old would need! I had her until I was 18 years old! :)
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