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While I made my choice for a Boston Terrier partially based on apartment space, I can think of breeds both big and small that I love. I have friends that strongly identify as "big dog" or "small dog" people – and frequently turn their noses up (or down) at the other – how about you?


shoecraze shoecraze 8 years
I love all dogs but I do prefer small/medium size dogs, 8 to 25 lbs. My Lady is a Yorkshire/Boston mix (should be 10lbs) and is not yippie at all and loves to play with big dogs. At my parent's we have a lhasa apso/terrier mix (15lbs) and she is the best guard dog ever. I wouldn't know how to handle a big dog (+30lbs).
Milly-the-ninja Milly-the-ninja 9 years
i like big dogs because they don't have yippy barks like little dogs.i like little dogs because you can put them in your lap and cuddle with them.
Ana_belle03 Ana_belle03 9 years
Small dogs are my thing but I still like the big guys. I just find that they're harder for me to handle
ladyr ladyr 9 years
I couldn't decide, so I have one of each!! My big boy is 75 lbs and my little girl is only 9 lbs. They are so cute together, and of course the little one rules the roost!
Spectra Spectra 9 years
I don't care for really small dogs because in my experience with them, most of them I've met bark a lot, jump a lot, and are really nervous. It's probably because they weren't properly trained...lots of people don't put little dogs through obedience training because they figure they're "harmless and little". Plus, they have small bladders and need to go out all the freakin' time. I love big dogs!! My dog is only around 65 lbs, which is small considering she's a Lab/Rottie mix, but I can handle big dogs. If you train a big dog when it's a puppy, they won't pull you along on the leash or jump on you or do any of that stuff. When I worked as a vet assistant, I got bitten a handful of times...all by little dogs: by 1 Chihuahua, 2 Dachshunds, and a Shih Tzu.
christie1 christie1 9 years
I'll admit it, I'm a big dog snob! I really don't care for many of the smaller breeds. I have a Rhodesian Ridgeback and a viszla/coonhound mix...
dzymzlzy dzymzlzy 9 years
I love all dogs but I miss having a lap dog. My Boston is really too big to sit on my lap for very long.
kristyy kristyy 9 years
It depends on what you consider "small." I don't like the little ones that my cat will try to hunt. I prefer 15-20 pounds. Small enough for me to carry (especially when they are sick), yet large enough to not get stepped on or seriously injured if a bigger dog bumps into them. I like big ones too, but realistically, I'm just not strong enough for one.
lemonbars lemonbars 9 years
I love all dogs for different reasons. In my family we've always had small dogs, so I'm kind of biased towards them (and always quick to come to their defense when someone generalizes that they're all "yappy," "anklebiters" or "not real dogs"). It's also easier to take a small dog with you places and I loved being able to take our dog(s) with us when we would go on vacation or just short trips running errands around town. On the other hand, I loved taking my Aussie/Beagle mix (not really a big dog, but she wasn't small, either) to the dog park and not having to worry about her getting hurt while playing with the other doggies. And being a single woman living alone, it was a comfort that she had a more intimidating bark on the other side of the door to any possible intruders than if I had chosen to get a shih tzu.
Mrs_W Mrs_W 9 years
I think a lot of big dog breeds are beautifull but since I only weigh about 95lbs, big dogs can be scary for me. Even when they are just trying to play they can easily knock on my bum. I have a lot of respect for them, I'm just a small dog person myself. P.S. No I am not anerexic I am just short and have a really high metabolism--it runs in the family.
j4everlasting j4everlasting 9 years
I'm definately a big dog person. Not that I have anything against small dogs (I have one). I just LOVE big dogs. One day I'll live on a big piece of property and I'll have a Rottweiler, Neufie and a Great Dane. Haha!
ehadams ehadams 9 years
I love all dogs but for my own pets I prefer small, fluffy dogs. Not too small though- 15-25 lbs is perfect for me. Big enough that I won't step on them accidentally and hurt them, but still small enough for me to pick them up. Although if I had a big house with a huge yard, I'd probably get big dogs too.
Sara-no-h Sara-no-h 9 years
I thought I was just a big dog person until this past March when my boyfriend and I adopted a shih tzu from a shelter. We live in an apartment and he fits in great, though I didn't always think so. When my boyfriend first told me he wanted to get a shih tzu, I laughed and rolled my eyes. I feel bad for that now b/c Col. Max (the dog's name) is so charming and sweet! However, in a few years when we have a house, we will be getting a boxer. :D
MrsJigglesworth MrsJigglesworth 9 years
I'm confused... why do little dogs need pee pads anymore than big dogs? I thought pee pads are for animals who need to go and can't hold it or can't be walked/let outside enough regardless of size. no?
AnnaLove AnnaLove 9 years
Small dogs! I can't help it, but I just don't find the big ones cute (sorry). My boyfriend's mom has a Great Dane and he grosses me out. One lick from that thing and Princess needs to be scrubbed for an hour, ick. Yah, little dogggies yip and need pee pads but they're also great bed buddies and their personalities are hilarious. All dogs need love, but my chihuahua's right for me <3
MadalenaO MadalenaO 9 years
I love all dogs :) every size however my own is very big:D
Jessee Jessee 9 years
I love dogs. All dogs. End of story.
SarahPW SarahPW 9 years
love my big dog! i cant stand little yippie dogs- my shepherd hates them too!
MrsJigglesworth MrsJigglesworth 9 years
I personally am more attracted to smaller dogs... but I adore certain breeds of bigger dogs like Greyhounds and German Shepherds.
moonlissa moonlissa 9 years
I wanted a big dog, and everyone thought Sadie would be a big dog (vet said 45-50 lbs). They all looked at me like I was crazy when I got her becuase I live in an apartment. She is not 10 months old and only 31 lbs. She doesn't appear to be growing much more, and she isn't much of an eater. I now am quite content with my firmly Medium dog!
melizzle melizzle 9 years
I like being able to run around and rough house with big pups.
sexylibrarian sexylibrarian 9 years
I have two big and two little dogs. I love how the small dogs love to cuddle but I love my big boys too.
wakeupandora wakeupandora 9 years
I love them all! I have three small/medium dogs that pretty much equal one big 60lb dog, and in the future, when I own a home with a yard, I want a Tibetan Mastiff or Japanese Akita..
Rally-RE Rally-RE 9 years
i like the medium size dogs - i could ride a great dane like a horse and i'd step on one of those rat size toy dogs ... so the in between is best for me.
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