I always know where North is in the apartment by the squeaking of his favorite toys. Although they don't provide much entertainment for me, he seems to be perfectly content to munch on them all day. So, when I saw these crazy doggie toys on InventorSpot, with the giggle-inducing smiles on the front, I knew I had to have them. Errr, I mean, North would have to have them!Leave it to the Japanese to come up with these inventive dog pacifiers – called "Oshaburi" – to entertain not only your pooch for a few hours, but to give you a good laugh as well! For only about three bucks each, you can have these comedic gems shipped to your door and happily YouTube your pup wandering around with a big, red grin on his face. Each pacifier comes with a rounded back for your dog to clamp down on, and is available in four different styles: Lip, Tongue, Teeth, and Chicken (for the big eaters in the house). Although I'm not sure how long they would last if your dog is a super chewer, at least you can have some fun at your pup's expense for a little while! What?! It's funny!