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Big versus Small Pet Retailers.

Do You Shop at Big Retailers or Small Shops?

There are so many boutique shops offering truly unique treats and goodies for pets but, at some of these places, the prices can get a little steep. I've been known to breeze into a big retailer once in awhile for the same items at a lower cost, but generally, I try to support the local shops around my area.

Which do you do more - shop at big pet suppliers, or patronize small local shops?

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jennjennnbubba jennjennnbubba 9 years
I have a local pet store that has a much better selection of cat stuff so that is usually where I go.
kang kang 9 years
Greenies, flea medicine and poop bags Food and heartworm pills from the vet. Collars, beds and bowls mostly from Target.
JeanninePC99 JeanninePC99 9 years
I've found that the big chains here don't carry premium food brands, so we stick to the smaller stores to get the good stuff. I also find the merch at the big chains kind of plain and generic...the boutiques have much cuter, funky stuff for my little guy.
Spectra Spectra 9 years
We don't have any really good small boutique pet shops here...all we have is Petsmart, so that's where I usually go. They have a good selection of things for the most part, but I really miss the little pet store I used to shop at in Madison...they had lots of really good treats.
nv27 nv27 9 years
I support the botiques, and theyre better because they have unique stuff like neat bowls & clothes & leashes. My bulldog was better dressed then me.
Brendelwoman Brendelwoman 9 years
Petco is too far away; there is a smaller mom and pop place with locations around the cities. I feel like I'm maybe helping out the little guy and saving gas.
rabidmoon rabidmoon 9 years
I prefer to support smaller companies or individuals when and how I can...particularly when it comes to food, but there are exceptions to that, usually for big items like electronics, but those are rare things I don't often have to purchase. Price is a concern, but only to a point; the way I see it, supporting GOOD small businesses (for there are crappy ones too, and those I avoid) can pay me back in other ways.
couture-yourself couture-yourself 9 years
I do a little of both. If I need something that the big retailer has at a cheaper price, I'll go get it there. But, mostly I go to a boutique here in town or a family-owned pet store to get their treats & cute collars or beds. I love boutiques, they always have the cutest stuff, even if their prices are a little much sometimes.
missyd missyd 9 years
wherever is cheaper
baltimoregal baltimoregal 9 years
I almost always go to Howl (formerly Chow, Baby), the local store in the Hampden neighborhood of Baltimore. It's not really a boutique though, more like the best place ever as far as I'm concerned! They sell REALLY healthy pet foods without additives and wheat and other fillers (my dog's food has 0% grain which means no allergies and LESS POOP) They also have healthy but tasty treats, cool toys, and as everything else you need for a happy, healthy dog- at great prices. And they are so knowledgeable! (They also carry stuff for other pets!)
runnergeek runnergeek 9 years
i like small and big stores for max. depends what im and things like that, i'll buy in bulk. but i'll go to a gourmet pet bakery to get him a cookie or a boutique for a new leash.
macaronsbedon macaronsbedon 9 years
I love the name of lhe little shop I go to! It's called "A guy, a girl, two dogs and a cat". The people there are sooo relaxed, the athmosphere is really easy breezy, the products are of great quality...oh and there is of course the cute guy that works there! ;)
Renees3 Renees3 9 years
We only have one small store and it's not that great, so I just buy B-Bops food there (since they don't sell it at big stores). I buy his toys and stuff anywhere!
Bksuga Bksuga 9 years
Depending on what I need then i usually just stick with the small places around where I live. But if there's a sale then I go with the savings.
Chase24 Chase24 9 years
Our favorite little store is Naturally4Paws, we buy everything thing there, and they are usually with in a couple of bucks od Petsmart or Petco; But I feel better supporting a local business and they are always so helpful and know us when we go in.
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