As if you couldn't tell, I'm a big fan of birds! I have a bunch of feeders stashed away in my closet to treat my local birds to treats whenever I can. Now of course you know that putting out certain foods will bring you a whole variety of visitors, which will give you a good opportunity to study up on different species, but my love for winged creatures doesn't stop at my window – it's making its way into my furniture!

Similar to China's amazing Birds Nest Stadium (and totally reminiscent of the eCrate I featured awhile back), this bird's nest chair called the X Lounger caught my eye on Yanko Design, and I had to share with all you fellow birdie lovers. Although sadly, there is no info on where to buy (or more importantly, how much it will cost), I think I would jump at the chance to own this stylish and functional piece. What do you think about it?