Once again, North is getting put to the test (well, his hair anyway). I spotted this product on a trip to Cost Plus, and I totally fell for the language on the packaging. "Revolutionary! Instantly! Satisfaction Guaranteed!" I was sold. Those were fighting words, and North and his hair were definitely up to this challenge. Now I just needed to figure out what to test . . .

North is not allowed on my bedding, definitely can't reach my drapes, and I already cleaned my upholstery, so I decided to try it out on clothing. I took a fleece hoodie out of my closet, put it on, and picked North up for a snuggle. Then I took it off and rubbed him as if toweling him dry.

Yuck! Wanna see if this product worked, then

While the Gonzo Pet Hair Lifter ($6.99) managed to pick up most of the pet hair, it definitely didn't grab every last piece and it took a couple rubdowns to do the trick. The biggest obstacle was, even though it got the hair off the fleece, it didn't hold onto it that long and ended up getting on my couch. When I wiped off the sponge (which is used dry), it quickly and effectively cleaned the microsuede making me think this product handles certain textures, but wools and fleece easily trap pet hair (and don't want to let it go!), so that's a tricky one to try. I'd say that it works but not quite "instantly" and needs to be cleaned between uses to maintain effectiveness.