Meet Lex! Thanks so much for helping me name her – I agree it's a great suggestion so I've been referring my new alternapal by the pet name of Lexi. Before I share all the neat things a Pleo does later this week, I wanted to introduce North to the lil girl. Lucky for us, the Pleo is fairly quiet, doesn't move super quickly, and he didn't sense her as a threat . . . although he gave me (as I interpret it) a scornful gaze when I was holding the toy dino on my lap making kissy noises. Hmm, but I was the one holding a toy dino on my lap making kissing noises?! Either way, North eventually learned to love his new pal and enjoyed checking her out up close. Maybe he speaks Pleosaurus?

To see the rest of the images (even when North goes in for a kiss!) when you