All I can say is wow: In a lawsuit filed Thursday in Brooklyn, former flight attendant Lisa Wilson claims she was attacked by a German Shepherd belonging to Jennifer Lopez on a plane trip nearly two years ago! This former flight attendant is seeking $5 million in damages and lost wages as a result of this attack as the back injuries (and surgery) prevented her from working anymore.

The shocking event allegedly happened on July 3, 2006 on a private Gulfstream IV jet leaving from Republic Airport in Farmingdale, LI when private airline company, NetJets, assigned Wilson to this flight headed to California's Burbank Airport. Hear the rest when you


"Floyd" is described in the manifest as "a well-behaved guard dog," yet Wilson alleges that the pooch is nothing of the sort, claiming that, as she walked by, the dog lunged for her, bit her pant leg, and sent her tumbling her to the ground. Wilson says that her attempts to settle the case have been ignored, hence the suit contending the couple is "absolutely liable for all injuries" because they "should have known the dog had vicious propensities," and kept it muzzled and leashed.

Wilson's also seeking damages from Lopez's company, Nuyorican Productions, although it's unclear (to me) what that has to do with the event. Maybe I'm just skeptical but it's the two years that passed that leaves me scratching my head – what's your take?