Breaking News: Lucy, the Lucky Palm Dog Winner at Cannes!
Breaking News: Lucy, the Lucky Palm Dog Winner at Cannes!

Four paws up to the super cute canine, Lucy, this year's lucky Palm Dog winner at Cannes! This mixed-breed pooch is part hunting dog and part retriever and was lucky enough to star alongside Michelle Williams in Wendy and Lucy. From what I can tell, the pup plays a major role in the film that follows their journey to Alaska, where Wendy hopes for a Summer of lucrative work at the fish cannery . . . until her car breaks down in Oregon, that is. Learn who accepted this award on her behalf when you


It seems that Lucy was unable to receive today's award in person . . . errr, in dog . . . because she lives in Queens, NY so her diamante collar award was received by owner, and film director, Kelly Reichardt. However, there were plenty of new pictures of another pooch (who looks suspiciously close to that famed pup, Frank, from Men in Black). Now the original Palm Dog spokespup, Muttley, passed away last month so I wonder if this smooshy is taking his celebripup place for this ceremony?! Only time will tell but check out the fab beachside photoshoot with this puggy lad! I don't know who he is, but he sure is adoro!

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