The Scottish Terrier is an alert-looking pooch with a "heads-up, tails-up" attitude – the pointy ears and long muzzle make this one of the most recognizable doggie silhouettes around. Even though when I think of these pups I recall the black ones, they are also allowable in wheaten or brindle of any color. Scotties are small dogs usually weighing around 20 pounds – but what they lack in size, they certainly make up in spirit! According to the AKC breed standard, these trademark terrier characteristics are joined with a very special "varminty" expression. What the heck is varminty? Find out when you


This word is commonly used in the dog world to describe a piercing expression that should also be very bright and keen – unsurprisingly, many terrier breeds should have these feisty characteristics. Very popular with US presidents, my research has dug up that several former presidents have owned these dogs, including Eisenhower, Reagan, and both Roosevelts! Oh, and don't forget these two cutie pies – they may look familiar as it's our current "First Dog" Barney meeting Miss Beazley when she joined the Bush family at the White House in 2005.